Luke Lamb of Sarasota – What is Biomass?

Luke Lamb from Sarasota is the owner of Tree Frog Equipment, LLC. His company supplies equipment to the forestry industry so it comes as no surprise that he is interested in biomass. Biomass is biological materials derived from living or recently living organisms.

Luke Lamb Sarasota

When used as an energy source, biomass can be converted to make various forms of biofuel. This can be done through three broadly classified methods: thermal, chemical and biochemical methods.

Although there are other types, wood is most commonly used biomass energy source. This includes wood in many forms like dead trees, branches, stumps, yard clippings, wood chips and even municipal solid waste. Crops can even be grown for use as biomass. Some of these include switchgrass, corn, hemp, miscanthus, poplar, sorghum, bamboo, sugarcane, willow and other kinds of tree species. Some plants are grown because they offer high biomass output per hectare with low input energy, like wheat, grain and straw. Plant biomass can even be degraded from cellulose to glucose and the resulting sugar can be used as a first generation biofuel.

One of the types of biomass more commonly talked about in the media is getting energy through methane gas found in rotting garbage and waste from animals and humans. This makes great fuel for transportation.

Biomass is an exciting form of more sustainable energy compared to fossil fuels since they fuel source is more easily replenished. There is some debate over its possible negative environmental effect and some issues with meeting the high demand that the planet has for fuel. More research and investigation is needed into this possible game changer in the energy field. Luke Lamb Sarasota is interested in toe possibilities biomass can bring.


Sarasota Boating Hot Spots

If boating is your pastime then you will want to travel to Sarasota, Florida located just a few nautical miles south along the state of Florida’s central west coast. Boaters can appreciate the View at Marina Jack, which is right in the middle of downtown. It offers a full service fuel dock, good food incomplete amenities. Marina Jack offers deep harbor docking, tourist cruises and some of the most breathtaking and delicious water front dining. Marina Jack specializes in transient dockage and cruise club accommodations for visitors who want to explore nearby Downtown and events near famous Sarasota Bayfront. Take in some of the many attractions in a few nights or secure one of our 316 slips on an annual basis. The Marina includes full amenities including bathrooms, launderette, concierge shuttle, and ship’s store.


The Gulf of Mexico offers fairly placid waters near the shore and the keys nearby provide easy line of site navigation. However many of these areas near Florida are shallow and shoal and this region marks the southern end of the world’s largest manatee population. Sarasota Florida is a booming area with the incredible population. If you are looking for a more genuine maritime experience you want to check out Mote Marine Laboratory that primarily focuses on sharks but studies all facets of the marine environment.

Luke Lamb of Sarasota, Florida is an avid boater and was in the Marina Jack’s Christmas Boat Parade and is an expert who is familiar with the Gulf waters. As an avid boater and his experience in the Gulf waters, Luke Lamb of Sarasota, Florida helped tow the San Francesco of 1870 from Clearwater to Cortez to be restored for this nonprofit organization. The San Francesco is a 66-foot wooden schooner boat built in Italy in 1870.

Visit the Sarasota Classic Car Museum

If you are a car enthusiast and happened to be visiting Sarasota Florida, you will want to check out the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. The museum is recognized as the second oldest continuously operating antique car museum in the nation. The museum features antique, exotic, European and one-of-a-kind classics throughout the entire museum seven days a week. The museum features about 75 automobiles of the most formidable automobile manufacturers the Alpha Romeo, Bentley, DeLorean, Edsel and the Ferrari. These vehicles are Exquisite examples of automobile craftsmanship to be cherished for the decades of automobile manufacturing.

Luke Lamb Sarasota

The SCCM has designated its largest room to host what they call the TIMELINE ROOM. This room tells the story of the car from its invention by Karl Benz in 1885, to the American Boom and the present and beyond. The TIMELINE will tell of the evolution of the car, the dynamics of the major players in car manufacturing, sociological and cultural impacts, and environmental issues. The room will be populated with fascinating auto artifacts relating to the timeline.

Luke Lamb of Sarasota, Florida has proudly lived as a Florida resident for the past ten years. Luke is a successful businessman and is the owner-operator of Tree Frog Equipment, LLC. He markets and sells new and used forestry equipment. Luke Lamb is the largest new and used track chipper and wood chipper dealer in the world. Luke’s company will also refurbish used chippers to almost new condition. He has over 15 years of experience in the Tree Service and Forestry Equipment markets. He has exclusive channels and insight to procure Forestry equipment worldwide and will ship worldwide. Luke has the skill and knows how to locate any piece of forestry equipment. Luke Lamb’s customers trust in the service and offering in procuring forestry equipment with the help of Tree Frog Equipment, LLC.