Luke Lamb of Sarasota – What is Biomass?

Luke Lamb from Sarasota is the owner of Tree Frog Equipment, LLC. His company supplies equipment to the forestry industry so it comes as no surprise that he is interested in biomass. Biomass is biological materials derived from living or recently living organisms.

Luke Lamb Sarasota

When used as an energy source, biomass can be converted to make various forms of biofuel. This can be done through three broadly classified methods: thermal, chemical and biochemical methods.

Although there are other types, wood is most commonly used biomass energy source. This includes wood in many forms like dead trees, branches, stumps, yard clippings, wood chips and even municipal solid waste. Crops can even be grown for use as biomass. Some of these include switchgrass, corn, hemp, miscanthus, poplar, sorghum, bamboo, sugarcane, willow and other kinds of tree species. Some plants are grown because they offer high biomass output per hectare with low input energy, like wheat, grain and straw. Plant biomass can even be degraded from cellulose to glucose and the resulting sugar can be used as a first generation biofuel.

One of the types of biomass more commonly talked about in the media is getting energy through methane gas found in rotting garbage and waste from animals and humans. This makes great fuel for transportation.

Biomass is an exciting form of more sustainable energy compared to fossil fuels since they fuel source is more easily replenished. There is some debate over its possible negative environmental effect and some issues with meeting the high demand that the planet has for fuel. More research and investigation is needed into this possible game changer in the energy field. Luke Lamb Sarasota is interested in toe possibilities biomass can bring.


Making a Business Worldwide

Creating a successful business is all about capturing the hearts and minds of your target market. Convince more consumers that your product or service is worthwhile, and you will have created a more successful business and in turn your company will grow. This concept is easy to understand, but difficult to implement, as many small businesses are lost in the battle of leaving their original market to expand into other areas. Once the process is mastered, and the brand strength is given the power to do so, the ultimate goal for your business is to reach the worldwide market share.

Luke Lamb SarasotaThis is easy for some industries, but can seem entirely impossible for others. However, regardless of the industry, with the right knowledge and consumer awareness, it can be done and made into a successful part of your business’s operations. This process, most commonly known as scaling, is simply increasing the amount of market share that you have within the industry, until it needs to expand into a bigger market pool. For instance, a company that sells pens can sell them in the local community until everyone has pens, and from there they have the task of expanding to sell to communities around them, leveraging their size until they eventually become the world’s leading pen provider.

This is the best possible position that a company could be in, because having the expansion of the world to sell to gives the opportunity for anything to happen. Luke Lamb turned his forestry equipment business into a worldwide endeavor using the same method, turning Sarasota-based Tree Frog Equipment LLC into the world’s largest wood chipper dealer, having an international market. This environment is a challenge to reach, but once it is accomplished, the future of the business is established, and imagination allows it to prosper.