Luke Lamb of Sarasota – Why Family Time Matters

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to carve out quality time with your family. Between work and school schedules, practice for dance and soccer, no one seems to be in the same place at once. But spending time with your family creates strong bonds between members that are important. Luke Lamb from Sarasota tries to set aside time to spend with each of his family members often. Use these tips to get closer to your family members:

Luke Lamb Sarasota

l Schedule family time. It is easy to assume all the members of your family will be in the same place at the same time but it may be harder than you think. Scheduling time allows all the members of the family know they need to be present and without distractions, like electronic devices, so everyone can bond together.

l Be present. Put everything down for a while and just spend time together. Focus on one thing as a family, like a board game you all love. Try turning off the television or banning cell phones from the dinner table for a week. Take turns sharing one good thing or something each person learned that day.

l Find one-on-one time too. While it is very important to bond as a family unit, it is just as important to give each member one-on-one time too. This is especially important in families that have more than one child. Mom and dad need to spend separate time with each child to show them they are loved and appreciated individually.

Luke Lamb Sarasota spends time with family often and they even give back to the community by volunteering.