Luke Lamb – Sarasota hosts Festivals Galore!

Sarasota is located on the southwestern coast of Florida. It has a population of just over 53,000 people. Luke Lamb has been a resident of Sarasota for years and loves this coastal area. The Sarasota area is known for its cultural and environmental amenities, resorts, and beaches. It also boasts the Sarasota School of Architecture and connections to the Ringling family.  Rich with culture and history the city is home to many festivals celebrating different types of arts.

Luke Lamb Sarasota
Luke Lamb Sarasota

The Sarasota Orchestra, which was founded in 1949 by Ruth Cotton Butler holds a three-week long event, called the Sarasota Music Festival, which attracts renowned students and teachers.

The city is also home to the annual Sarasota Film Festival, which was started in 1998. As one of Florida’s largest film festivals, it attracts independent films from around the world.

There is also an annual Sarasota Chalk Festival, which is the first international street painting festival in the US. This event not only draws in artists like Maestro Madonnaro Edgar Mueller but also welcomes children to participate and add their creations alongside the professionals.

In 2009, the Ringling International Arts Festival held its first and final event at the Asolo Theater, which had been moved and rebuilt.

With so much culture it is no wonder that Luke Lamb Sarasota is such a lively and exciting city. Many of its residents enjoy attending these and other events year round. Luke Lamb from Sarasota likes to soak in the culture his city has to offer with his family.