Luke Lamb of Sarasota – Fun Things To Do Around Town

Luke Lamb Sarasota always finds fun activities for his family to do in their bustling city. Rich with culture and history, near to breathtaking beaches, and full of the rustic Florida landscape; Sarasota offers so much interesting fun. These are some must see places around the city.

Luke Lamb Sarasota

  1. Sand and sun. Sarasota is known for having amazing beaches and is even home to the number 1 beach in the country, according to Dr. Beach’s 2011 list, Siesta Key. But that isn’t the only beach to choose from. There is also Lido, Nokomis, Manasota and Longboat beaches, all of which have public access and beautiful scenery. Venice beach is known for their shark’s teeth, which are free to take home as a souvenir.
  2. Get closer to nature. Ditch the hotel and stay outdoors at the Myakka State Park. At only $5 a person this secluded campground features sites that are several miles from the trailhead so you get to really experience nature. Don’t forget your boots or bike for the great trails throughout the area.
  3. Bring out your inner artist. Sarasota is known for its arts scene and the free art and live music on weekends. Take a stroll down Palm Avenue, which is lined with galleries or venture over to Towles Court and see what the newest local artist has dreamed up.

Whether you decide to visit Sarasota for the beaches, nature or art scene, there is always fun to be had. Luke Lamb from Sarasota loves doing as many of the fun activities his town has to offer with his family.


Luke Lamb of Sarasota – What is Biomass?

Luke Lamb from Sarasota is the owner of Tree Frog Equipment, LLC. His company supplies equipment to the forestry industry so it comes as no surprise that he is interested in biomass. Biomass is biological materials derived from living or recently living organisms.

Luke Lamb Sarasota

When used as an energy source, biomass can be converted to make various forms of biofuel. This can be done through three broadly classified methods: thermal, chemical and biochemical methods.

Although there are other types, wood is most commonly used biomass energy source. This includes wood in many forms like dead trees, branches, stumps, yard clippings, wood chips and even municipal solid waste. Crops can even be grown for use as biomass. Some of these include switchgrass, corn, hemp, miscanthus, poplar, sorghum, bamboo, sugarcane, willow and other kinds of tree species. Some plants are grown because they offer high biomass output per hectare with low input energy, like wheat, grain and straw. Plant biomass can even be degraded from cellulose to glucose and the resulting sugar can be used as a first generation biofuel.

One of the types of biomass more commonly talked about in the media is getting energy through methane gas found in rotting garbage and waste from animals and humans. This makes great fuel for transportation.

Biomass is an exciting form of more sustainable energy compared to fossil fuels since they fuel source is more easily replenished. There is some debate over its possible negative environmental effect and some issues with meeting the high demand that the planet has for fuel. More research and investigation is needed into this possible game changer in the energy field. Luke Lamb Sarasota is interested in toe possibilities biomass can bring.

Luke Lamb – Sarasota hosts Festivals Galore!

Sarasota is located on the southwestern coast of Florida. It has a population of just over 53,000 people. Luke Lamb has been a resident of Sarasota for years and loves this coastal area. The Sarasota area is known for its cultural and environmental amenities, resorts, and beaches. It also boasts the Sarasota School of Architecture and connections to the Ringling family.  Rich with culture and history the city is home to many festivals celebrating different types of arts.

Luke Lamb Sarasota
Luke Lamb Sarasota

The Sarasota Orchestra, which was founded in 1949 by Ruth Cotton Butler holds a three-week long event, called the Sarasota Music Festival, which attracts renowned students and teachers.

The city is also home to the annual Sarasota Film Festival, which was started in 1998. As one of Florida’s largest film festivals, it attracts independent films from around the world.

There is also an annual Sarasota Chalk Festival, which is the first international street painting festival in the US. This event not only draws in artists like Maestro Madonnaro Edgar Mueller but also welcomes children to participate and add their creations alongside the professionals.

In 2009, the Ringling International Arts Festival held its first and final event at the Asolo Theater, which had been moved and rebuilt.

With so much culture it is no wonder that Luke Lamb Sarasota is such a lively and exciting city. Many of its residents enjoy attending these and other events year round. Luke Lamb from Sarasota likes to soak in the culture his city has to offer with his family.