The Benefits of Joining the Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard is one of the best known military careers in the nation. The work and service that they provide is not any better than the service provided by others overseas, but because they perform their heroic duties within the country itself, people are more familiar with the strength that it takes to serve the country. Those who are looking to join the coast guard should consider the benefits that come with being a part of something so essential to the nation.

Luke Lamb SarasotaThe most obvious benefits include the miscellaneous educational, healthcare, and life insurance benefits. As a member of the military, the service provided is not something that will be paid for lightly, and the monetary gain that comes with putting a life on the line for others is substantial. These benefits are much more extensive and fruitful than most of the occupations found within the United States.

One of the most appreciated benefits of becoming a member of the US Coast Guard involves the free travel that is offered to those who are a part of this job. This opportunity comes completely free, and gives those with a passion for travel and sailing the admiration they’ve been looking for. Luke Lamb Sarasota business owner and avid boater, is making progress to joining this guard, so that he may live out his passions as a Gulf Coast boater.