Using Industry Channels to Grow Your Business

The industry is not your enemy; in fact, it can help your business grow to its maximum potential and become something truly incredible. All it takes is the pursuit of the industry components, and the knowledge that it provides for you. When it comes to competitive business, every element can be a part of the process that helps your company succeed, even the competitors. The right mindset for how to take advantage of what your industry has to offer will make your business act smarter, and be more prepared for the changes that come.

Luke Lamb Sarasota Using industry channels to grow your business revolves around the idea of using an industry-specific network to find suppliers, enter into new markets, and even find ways to explore your competition. It is an addition eye in the sky that enables sight of many different industry variables that you could not have seen before.

Luke Lamb Sarasota is famously known across Florida for using his industry channel to become one of the largest wood chipper dealers in the world. His Sarasota-based business, Tree Frog Equipment LLC, sells new and used forestry equipment all over the world, and because of his use of the industry network, he has the ability to track any piece of forestry equipment on Earth. This advancement of a business can only take place with the right network, and with hands in the right spots, any business can be given the opportunity to rise as an industry leader.


Making a Business Worldwide

Creating a successful business is all about capturing the hearts and minds of your target market. Convince more consumers that your product or service is worthwhile, and you will have created a more successful business and in turn your company will grow. This concept is easy to understand, but difficult to implement, as many small businesses are lost in the battle of leaving their original market to expand into other areas. Once the process is mastered, and the brand strength is given the power to do so, the ultimate goal for your business is to reach the worldwide market share.

Luke Lamb SarasotaThis is easy for some industries, but can seem entirely impossible for others. However, regardless of the industry, with the right knowledge and consumer awareness, it can be done and made into a successful part of your business’s operations. This process, most commonly known as scaling, is simply increasing the amount of market share that you have within the industry, until it needs to expand into a bigger market pool. For instance, a company that sells pens can sell them in the local community until everyone has pens, and from there they have the task of expanding to sell to communities around them, leveraging their size until they eventually become the world’s leading pen provider.

This is the best possible position that a company could be in, because having the expansion of the world to sell to gives the opportunity for anything to happen. Luke Lamb turned his forestry equipment business into a worldwide endeavor using the same method, turning Sarasota-based Tree Frog Equipment LLC into the world’s largest wood chipper dealer, having an international market. This environment is a challenge to reach, but once it is accomplished, the future of the business is established, and imagination allows it to prosper.

The Benefits of Joining the Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard is one of the best known military careers in the nation. The work and service that they provide is not any better than the service provided by others overseas, but because they perform their heroic duties within the country itself, people are more familiar with the strength that it takes to serve the country. Those who are looking to join the coast guard should consider the benefits that come with being a part of something so essential to the nation.

Luke Lamb SarasotaThe most obvious benefits include the miscellaneous educational, healthcare, and life insurance benefits. As a member of the military, the service provided is not something that will be paid for lightly, and the monetary gain that comes with putting a life on the line for others is substantial. These benefits are much more extensive and fruitful than most of the occupations found within the United States.

One of the most appreciated benefits of becoming a member of the US Coast Guard involves the free travel that is offered to those who are a part of this job. This opportunity comes completely free, and gives those with a passion for travel and sailing the admiration they’ve been looking for. Luke Lamb Sarasota business owner and avid boater, is making progress to joining this guard, so that he may live out his passions as a Gulf Coast boater.

Starting Small as a Business Owner

The chance of owning a large and successful company is there, and the potential will constantly grow within you each and every day. But don’t move too fast, because nearly no businesses can be created successfully overnight. It takes patience, a process of implementation and adjustment, and sometimes it simply takes the humility to start small.

Luke Lamb Sarasota
Luke Lamb Sarasota

Starting small can mean any component of a business activity, from selling shirts on the side of the road to operating a small lawn care service in your local town. Any and all business activities will give you exposure to the processes required to succeed, and will open your eyes and submerge you in the experience required to make intelligent decisions in the future of your potential company. As entrepreneurs, it is a job to learn, and a constant struggle to keep the mind humble throughout the entire process. You must be prepared to do anything to capture knowledge about how to create that big company.

Many successful company owners have used this to culture their interest in business, and even create opportunity in a certain industry. Luke Lamb of Sarasota business owner, underwent several different small business ventures before he created Tree Frog Equipment LLC, which is currently the world’s largest wood chipper dealer. Tree Service, Land clearing, painting, and a moving company are just some of the many ventures he had to take before he reached the level that he is at today. Making this decision will make you a better business owner, and will prepare you for more streamlined operations in the future.