Visit the Sarasota Classic Car Museum

If you are a car enthusiast and happened to be visiting Sarasota Florida, you will want to check out the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. The museum is recognized as the second oldest continuously operating antique car museum in the nation. The museum features antique, exotic, European and one-of-a-kind classics throughout the entire museum seven days a week. The museum features about 75 automobiles of the most formidable automobile manufacturers the Alpha Romeo, Bentley, DeLorean, Edsel and the Ferrari. These vehicles are Exquisite examples of automobile craftsmanship to be cherished for the decades of automobile manufacturing.

Luke Lamb Sarasota

The SCCM has designated its largest room to host what they call the TIMELINE ROOM. This room tells the story of the car from its invention by Karl Benz in 1885, to the American Boom and the present and beyond. The TIMELINE will tell of the evolution of the car, the dynamics of the major players in car manufacturing, sociological and cultural impacts, and environmental issues. The room will be populated with fascinating auto artifacts relating to the timeline.

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